The self-crippling of #ows

OWS started as the President was in the midst of trying to sell his jobs bill. The bill hired teachers and construction workers to do useful work by eliminated special tax favors for corporate executives (the executive jet tax break), oil companies, and hedge fund managers. You’d imagine this bill as a perfect fit for Occupy Wall Street - a simple concrete demand they could include with perhaps more comprehensive programs for a fairer and juster America. But there was apparently too much reluctance to appear to be supporting the President, too much of a commitment to the “both parties suck” analysis. It’s not just that the Occupy Wall Street people didn’t want to sign up as supporters of the President, it’s that they couldn’t bring themselves to support a bill that was perhaps too identified with him in their minds. But they could have also demanded that Governor Cuomo restore the millionaires tax and create some jobs.  50,000 jobs at $25,000/person per year is a miserable $1billion or so - about the same as the Governor threw away by letting the millionaires tax surcharge expire. But their relentless anti-politics means that they have no way to get any concrete steps forward or to do anything at all but celebrate their victim status.