The modern GOP is shaped by Nixon’s treason

The recent confirmation that Richard Nixon secretly conspired to sabotage peace talks President Johnson was holding with Vietnam also confirms the modern Republican party as a party of treason against the United States.  Nixon secretly told the government of South Vietnam it would get a better deal from him than from the President of the United States and that it should walk out of peace talks. He did this because he believed he would lose the Presidential election if there was significant progress in ending the war in Vietnam. All over the US, there are wounded veterans, orphans, and widows who paid the price - not to mention the millions of people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia who lost life and limbs so that Nixon could seize power.  And Nixon remade the Republican party in his image:

  • Dick Cheney was a Nixon White House aide,
  • George H. W. Bush was Nixon’s UN Ambassador chosen for his loyalty,
  • Roger Ailes (who runs Fox) helped run Nixon’s 1968 campaign, was key to the branding of the modern Republican party, and was likely in on the conspiracy.
  • Donald Rumsfeld who masterminded Bush Jr’s fiasco in Iraq was a Nixon White House aide.

The modern Republican Party is Nixon’s party, a long way from the party of Eisenhower and a very long way from the party of Lincoln.  William Casey was another Nixon appointee who later became CIA director under Reagan. Now that we have proof that Nixon interfered with President Johnson’s negotiations in Vietnam, what should we think of persistent stories that Casey interfered in President Carter’s efforts to bring the Iran hostages home? What should anyone not gullible think of stories about Republican manipulation of voting machines?  Is there anything in the behavior of the leaders of the GOP to show that they have second thoughts about being a party of political operatives who can commit treason to take power?


  1. iwanttobelieve-2 answered: You have to remember that George H.W Bush like Nixon , the man but not Nixon the president/political leader.
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