Eleven dimensional chess and the voting rights act

The Supreme Court’s Republican Putsch Posse has struck down a key provision of  the voting rights act which they allege violates some Constitutional provision although not a provision they can name. This came as no surprise to many of us after Bush v. Gore and Citizens United showed that the GOP majority’s only constant belief is that the Constitution should guarantee a firm Republican grip on power.  Fortunately, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice will aggressively work to compensate. But it didn’t have to be this way. We could be facing the 2014 elections with decapitated DOJ helplessly standing by as  Republican governed states systematically disenfranchise black and hispanic voters. That would be if we had taken the hysterical advice of the nearly unanimous caucus of “liberal”  and “progressive” media pundits.

Obama Should Ask Holder to Resign

That was Michael Tomasky who lamented sadly that

So what’s he [the President] going to do now? I think we can predict. He’s going to stand by Eric Holder for now and let some interminable process play out. Just like he’s going to let some lengthy process play out at the IRS.

Wouldn’t that have been great - if that poor hapless dummy Obama had taken Mr. Tomasky’s advice? Voting Rights Act gone and Ted Cruz leading a filibuster against any replacement who was not named Greg Abbot. And then the often coherent Charles Pierce chimed in:

Eric Holder did this by himself. He should be gone. This moment. Not only is this constitutionally abhorrent, it is politically moronic.

Politically moronic! Imagine how politically ASTUTE the ignorant Mr. Obama would have seemed if he had been humble enough to take Pierce’s advice: now with Holder gone due to a fake scandal nobody could remember a week later, Justice Taney, I mean Justice Robert’s  cleaver in the neck of the Voting Rights Act, and the Republicans positively baying for more blood. Wow, that would have been tactical brilliance to shame the light of ten thousand stars.
The liberal pundits are allergic to the use of power by Democrats. Exercising power is icky  and always involves either compromise or squeals of anger from Republicans. Both of these cause the liberal pundits to become tearful, panicked, and hysterical. And they have a naive belief that the Republicans play by some set of rules  Oh dear, what sort of precedent are we setting?!! Someone hand me a hankie. We wouldn’t have Bush v. Gore or Cheney’s torture regime if Democrats hadn’t set a precedent by , I don’t know, cheating at cards? 
Holder’s unwillingness to let the Fox News and AP departments of the Republican party sabotage US diplomacy in violation of the law was never a legitimate reason for him to be called on to resign.  We’re going to need his toughness more than ever as the GOP pulls out the stops in its desperate voter disenfranchisement campaign. Fortunately, President Obama doesn’t take advice from the liberal press.