Obamacare versus propaganda

Claim: Obamacare was a Federal takeover of health care

Reality: The Federal government and our tax dollars were already paying for much of the health care system, Obamacare just tries to get some value for dollar.

  • Although we spend hundreds of billions on Medicare, before Obamacare a  Medicare supplier kicked out of one state program for fraud would still be able to operate in other states! Obamacare has all sorts of protections against fraud. Of course, people who make a living stealing from the government hate it.
  • When George W. Bush was President, the Republican Congress mandated that Medicare had to pay list price for drugs - no negotiation.
  • Well before Obamacare was introduced, Republican Supreme Court member Clarence Thomas invalidated all state contract law for employer provided insurance because he claimed that Federal regulations pre-empted state law. But, before Obamacare, the Federal regulations offered consumers no protection.  Thomas said that a person whose insurance company denied them even care for life threatening conditions, like a heart attack, was entitled to pay for it themselves (if they had the money) and then plead for the insurance company to pay them back.

Before Obamacare we already had Federal funding of and regulation of health care, but the funding and regulation mostly helped well connected political donors, like the pharmaceutical  and insurance companies, get richer at public expense. The politicians who say they will repeal Obamacare get donations from the people who profit from stealing taxpayer and consumer dollars.  All their talk about budget deficits and Federal bureaucracy is an attempt to disguise their real agenda.


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